Schleswig-Holstein offers a wide range of opportunities for your growing career. Companies in several sectors are looking for international experts.

Your path to professional recognition in Schleswig-Holstein 

Recognising foreign professional qualifications is a crucial step for people who want to work in Germany. Here's what you need to know about the process of professional recognition: 

Non-regulated professions: If you already have a residence permit or come from the EU/EEA/Switzerland, it is not mandatory to have your qualification recognised in order to practice a non-regulated profession. Nevertheless, it is recommended to carry out a recognition procedure in these cases as well, as this may improve your chances in the labour market and offer you better salary opportunities. 
Regulated professions: Regulated professions are those in which the activities are legally protected and additional requirements for professional authorisation apply. This primarily concerns professions in the health, safety or social sector, such as doctors or teachers, but also professional titles such as engineers, business administrators and master craftsmen. 

The recognition procedure usually includes an assessment of the equivalence of your foreign professional qualification compared to a German reference occupation. You must submit certain documents that describe the duration and content of your training, your professional experience and other knowledge and skills. 
Possible outcomes of the recognition procedure include full recognition of your professional qualification, partial recognition with indications of differences to the German reference profession, or in some cases, no recognition if significant differences exist and cannot be compensated for. The duration of the recognition procedure is usually 3 to 4 months and fees of up to 600 euros may apply. For more information on the recognition procedure and the required documents, visit the official website for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications. 

Electrical engineer working for the energy industry, supervising the condition of the Electrical Power Equipment in a wind turbines farm power station at night. Checking the data and the results of measurements with digital tablet. Pregnant woman eng

Regional labour market in Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein is characterised by a strong presence of small and medium-sized companies. Sectors such as medical technology, the maritime industry, information technology and renewable energies offer excellent career prospects here. The federal state also offers good networks and international cooperation thanks to its proximity to Scandinavia and the Hamburg metropolitan region. 
Further information on the labour market in Schleswig-Holstein can be found here.

Shortage occupations in Schleswig-Holstein 

Some occupational fields in Schleswig-Holstein have a particularly high demand for skilled labour. These include care professions, construction professions, electrical engineering and healthcare professions, as well as many others. Specialists in areas such as childcare and education, physiotherapy are also in high demand. Experts in the fields of social work, IT and medicine are in high demand. 
Here you can find more information on the shortage occupations in Schleswig-Holstein. 

Job search in Schleswig-Holstein

Nowadays, most job vacancies are published on the Internet. German companies like to use the following online job exchanges to advertise vacancies. 

Job application and employment contract in Schleswig-Holstein 

If you would like to apply for a job in Schleswig-Holstein, here are some important steps

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