The housing market in Schleswig-Holstein, particularly in urban areas, is highly competitive. However, in rural areas there is often a more cost-effective alternative to finding accommodation. We will be happy to provide you with information on finding accommodation in the region.

House hunting in Schleswig-Holstein 

If you are looking for shared flats (WGs), private single flats or rooms, there are numerous possibilities that can help you in your search. Regional newspapers in the area, social media and smartphone apps offer a variety of classified adverts and helpful resources for people looking for accommodation.

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What property portals are there?

Here are some property portals that may be useful to you when looking for accommodation in Schleswig-Holstein:

Short-term living

There are various ways to bridge the first few weeks after arriving in Germany. Flats are often advertised for interim rent for a few weeks to months. In most cases, these flats are already furnished.

Another option is holiday accommodation or flats, which you may usually book via online portals.

Tenancy agreement in Schleswig-Holstein

In Germany, tenancy agreements must be concluded in writing. There are two main cost components in a tenancy agreement: the basic rent and the warm rent. The cold rent only includes the rent for the use of the room, while the warm rent also includes ancillary costs such as water, heating, waste disposal and caretaker services. The tenancy agreement specifies in detail which costs are included in the ancillary costs. The warm rent is paid monthly to the landlord or landlady. It is advisable to ask the landlord or landlady about the service charges to avoid any misunderstandings.

When the contract is signed, the landlord or landlady usually requires a deposit equivalent to a maximum of three basic rents. This deposit will be refunded to you when you move out, provided no damage has been caused to the flat and the rent has been paid on time.

Service providers and suppliers in Schleswig-Holstein 

Electricity and gas usually must be registered separately and are usually not included in the warm rent. You will need to contact the local utility companies to arrange these services. Online comparison portals may help you choose the right provider. In Germany, electricity and gas costs are paid in monthly instalments, which are usually based on the size of the flat and the number of residents. At the end of the billing period, usually a calendar year, the actual consumption is read from your meter, which may result in a credit note or additional payment. 

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